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In this video, Sara explains what exactly Energy Vampires are so you can spot them and then make the conscious choice to protect yourself from them. She gives you 4 tips to protect your energy. Life is too short to drain your energy by hanging around Energy Vampires.
In this video, Sara goes over the different cords you can have with other people. We can be connected by the gut, heart or the mind. The heart is where you want to have a connection with others! If you want Sara to release any unhealthy cords you are harboring, make sure to book a session with her ASAP.
In this video, Emotion Code Practitioner, Sara Russano goes over how exactly to handle overwhelming emotions. Lots of times we fight our emotions or make ourselves wrong for having them. Sara goes over a different approach. If you need extra support, make sure to book a session with her ASAP.

Come to your Emotion Code session on time, well hydrated and with an attitude of gratitude!
One of the things we use at Miracle Code Healing is Muscle Testing, or Applied Kinesiology. You can watch Dr. Bradley Nelson himself (the creator of the Emotion Code) locate a trapped emotion by muscle testing and communicating with the subconscious mind.

Hi everyone welcome! This is Sara Russano, your global emotion code practitioner. Today she is answering the question, "What are prenatal trapped emotions?" Trapped emotions can become stuck in the body at any age. You can actually pick up trapped emotions before you are even born.

Hi Everyone! Welcome. Today Sara informs you about a very interesting type of trapped emotion - an inherited trapped emotion. These can literally get passed down from generation to generation. When these are cleared, you clear the energy from everyone who came before you, yourself, and many times from anyone who comes after you.

Sara Russano is your global Emotion Code Practitioner, meaning she sees people from all over the world remotely. Some people don't feel much during the session and feel more after their sessions. When you book an emotion code session, you can expect to feel light headed, sleepy, calm and you may get a headache.

What is Processing and what are Echoes? Hi everyone, welcome! My name is Sara Russano and I am your global emotion code practitioner. Today I want to tell you about processing and echoes. So what is processing and what are echoes?

Reprogramming Your Subconscious Beliefs with T3 and the Body Code
Most of us are familiar with the 5 Love Languages, but did you know there are 5 Relationship Models that could make or break your relationship? If you don't communicate with your partner about this topic, it could cause a LOT of conflict in your relationship.

Surrounded by golden doodles this holiday season!!! I know the holidays are about joy and love, but let's face it...some of us get SUPER triggered by family members. Here's how to deal ❤️ PS Happy Thanksgiving. I am grateful for you!!

Chasing men literally goes against the natural order of things. This may rub some of you the wrong way...but check it out. There will be another video going deeper into this topic coming out soon.

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