Thanks to Sara Russano and Miracle Code Healing, using the Emotion Code created by Dr. Bradley Nelson, I am experiencing a healing energy, rejuvenation and a rebirth of my inner child my inner spirit and my true self. This is not just possible for me but it’s possible for anyone. If I can do it, so can you. The layers that have been unfolding off of my’s a bliss that I prayed for. I’m am forever grateful and blessed.
— Elizabeth Christine

Client Testimonials

Going into the "Emotion Code", I had no idea of what to expect as far as my actual experience and the outcome. I am very grateful for the person who invited me to think about participating in this experience especially considering the many things I have faced in the past two years. My six sessions were so refreshing, healing, eye opening, and allowed me to get a new perspective about many things. I was always tired by the time my sessions started but I never cancelled because I knew the peace I felt mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually after talking and releasing many emotions. Sara is great at what she does. She truly has a heart of compassion and wants to connect with you to help you heal in all ways possible.

— tiffany jackson

Sara is a Godsend! From the moment that I heard her voice on the other end of my phone call to her, I immediately felt a sense of peace, understanding and comfort. Sara has helped my 16 year old Daughter overcome a lot of trapped emotions and she is wonderful with helping my Daughter to cope with anxiety. Sara has worked on both myself and my Daughter and we can both tell the significant changes within us! I can't express our gratitude enough with words, for the genuine outpouring of love and hope that we have received from Sara on our spiritual journey. We are forever grateful for having found Sara and highly recommend her, for anyone who is in need of spiritual, mental and physical healing.

— Lori h.

Oh my god! Sara is amazing. The lightness I felt after our sessions were incredible! Apart from my first heart wall session which felt like someone had kicked me in the chest, the overall experience created so much healing in understanding my hearts desires. Especially after all the blocked emotions were removed!! 
Give her a go or Privately message me if you want to discuss. I think what Sara does is amazing and wish all human beings could experience it.

— jay ganda

I came across Miracle Code Healing during a transitional point in my life. I felt trapped in the same cycle that went over and over. I had my first session with Sara at her location and I must say that I left in an emotional roller coaster. After a few days I began experiencing more clarity in my emotions which permit me to move forward in the right path in my life. Sara not only released my trapped emotions but also provided me with support after my first session. She is an intentional practitioner that continues to help me align my spirit! She is passionate to work with her patients and will be there for you every step of the way.

— ivonne perical


This was a very enlightening experience. I felt very connected to Sara the whole time and never felt like I had to share something in order for her to release! I definitely felt emotions move and change during the session and even more so afterwards! I honestly feel like a whole new person, so detached and observant of my life rather than involved and effected. Can’t wait for my next session! Love this girl and love this process! 

— shannon vasilkaes

Sara is the defenition of miracle work! She takes her time to know you on a personal level, and gets to the bottom of the problems you are having. This past year was full of obstacles and hardship for me. I felt myself falling apart and didn’t know who or what to turn to. I needed to change my lifestyle for the better, and Sara gave me peace and directed me towards a new beginning. Sara knows how to turn any negativity into positivity, and helped me see things in that perspective. I apperciated her following up with me everyday to see how I was doing, and the amount of love and gratitude she gives, shows the work she does is a passion for her, and she will thrive and make this world a better place!

— ashley baldo

I had a very insightful session with Sara. I don't know how she did it, but she managed to identify more than a handful of trapped emotions and the age that they started to manifest. It really taught me that emotions can affect you even at such a young age, so I think that these sessions are a good start to helping anyone figure out a starting point for becoming happier and allowing love to flow! I'm sure that if I did more sessions more stuff would come out! It made me feel really good to know that she could help me identify these issues within me in just one session.

— Daphne lu

I had an amazing experience with Sara at Miracle Code Healing. She did a great job of creating a comfortable atmosphere when dealing with some vulnerable areas of my life. There is a beautiful authenticity and sincerity to her. I could sense that she really just wanted to help and see people get free. This last season of life a lot of fears have been drawn to the surface, and Sara and Miracle Code Healing was God's answer for relief. After only one session I beginning to feel relief and more importantly have I have hope again that freedom and peace are possible!

— stephen seifert