Packages + Pricing


Each session can be completed over the phone, remotely (where Sara works on you on her own and emails you the results), and over Zoom Video Chat at

Arrive to your sessions on time, well-hydrated, and open to healing. Make sure you are in a quiet environment and can hear Sara clearly. Driving is not recommended.


Payment Plans Available.

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Single Heart Wall session

$125— This includes a single session where Sara will clear as many trapped emotions from your Heart Wall as possible. Removing the Heart Wall naturally releases a lot of issues, and having a Heart Wall can also block you from getting clear answers in focused clearings. We always recommend to start with a Heart Wall clearing. Removing the Heart Wall takes about 6 sessions total. (You can learn more about this here)

Single Focused-Clearing Session

$125 — This includes a single session where Sara focuses on an area of your life of your choice that you would like to improve.

You can focus on the following things within this session:

  • Physical Ailments

  • Cord-Cutting

  • Releasing Blocks to Abundance

  • Relationship Strengthening

  • Relationship Attraction

  • Weight-Loss

  • Smoking

  • Drinking

  • Addiction

  • Phobias

  • Clearing Your Chakras

4-Session Package

$400 — This package includes 4 sessions ($400 each). Sara will work on whatever you'd like (Heart-Wall or Focused Clearing).

Chakra Clearing Package

$700 — This includes 7 sessions where Sara will release blockages from each of your chakras. Blockages can be caused by trapped emotions (the most common reason), but chakras may just need an energetic resetting, or can have other imbalances that can be identified by the Body Code.

Couples Package

$400— This package is for couples! Each person in your partnership will receive 2 sessions individually. Sara does recommend that you each clear your Heart-Wall first. In these 2 sessions, Sara will make sure you two are connected at the hearts energetically, and will release anything that may be holding the two of you back from experiencing the best relationship possible. This is a great package if you are looking to rebuild trust, practice forgiveness, or want to reignite your passion. Sara not only releases energetic imbalances, but will offer intuitive guidance as well.

Business Coaching for Healers

$125— This is a 1-hour session geared towards healers. If you are a healer and you are having a hard time moving forward with your business, whether that’s starting your business from ground zero, attracting the right clientele or if you just need general guidance, Sara is now offering coaching and healing in this area. Sara will intuitively coach you with her knowledge and expertise, and she will also use energetic clearing as needed so you can be open to abundance and attracting the perfect clients for you. You are also welcome to purchase any of the other packages (4-Session Package, 5-Session Package, or Deluxe Clearing Package and Sara can gear your sessions towards business).


5-Session Package

*Great for clearing the heart-wall*

$500 — 5 sessions ($100 each) geared toward releasing trapped emotions. We recommend clearing your Heart Wall first. If an extra session is needed to clear the heart wall, this will cost $100.

Deluxe Release (Great for clearing the Heart-Wall and then working on focused areas in your life)

$950— This package includes 10 sessions total ($95 each). If you are a new client, Sara recommends clearing your Heart Wall first. She then recommends to focus on specific areas in your life you’d like to improve.

In-Between Session Support

$125 for a 45 minute Emotional Discussion Session. This session does not include a Body Code or Emotion Code clearing, but it is meant to support you in between your energy clearings. Sara will intuitively guide you through your processing symptoms and your healing journey in between your Emotion Code and Body Code Sessions. Many people get emotional in between sessions and appreciate the support of this session.

Weekly Virtual Support

$200 for the week for in-between session texting, voice message, and email support Monday-Friday (weekends OK for emergencies). This includes reaching out to Sara via text or email in between sessions for extra emotional support for 1 week. Sara will respond within a reasonable amount of time with tools and support for you along your journey. This is tailored to your needs including but not limited to: emotional support and guidance, links to helpful articles or recommended books, tools to get through whatever it is you are experiencing, and just an overall comforting feeling that Sara is personally there for you as you are going through your healing journey.

Sara offers minimal support between sessions by checking in on you and seeing how you are doing; however, if you need anything more than this, please purchase this package.

Monthly Virtual Support

$800 per month for in-between session texting, voice message and email support Monday-Friday (weekends OK for emergencies) for 1 month. Everything mentioned in the above package is included, but offered for the entire month.

Single Session for Your Animal

$125.00 — This includes a 1-hour session where Sara clears trapped emotions and emotional imbalances from your animal (i.e. anxiety, depression, ailments, pain etc.). Whichever type of pet you have, all animals can develop emotional or energetic imbalances.