Frequently Asked Questions


"Your old mistakes and missteps don't have to hold you back or interfere with your emotions and your life for even one more day."

~Dr. Bradley Nelson

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do i have to share all about my childhood and past in each session? 

No! That's the beauty of this process. You can keep any private details to yourself if you wish. There are times where we will need more information about a trapped emotion before we release it, and you can simply think of this in your head. 

what if i can't afford a session?

There are payment plans available. Please speak with Sara to make arrangements. 

how long should i wait to book my next session?

It is recommended to wait about 2 days before participating in your next session to allow for processing time. 

what can i do to prepare for a session?

Get excited!! You are about to embark on a beautiful healing journey that has helped THOUSANDS of people get their lives back on track! This being the case, your body IS going to go through a little detox. Make sure to drink lots of water before each session to aid in this process.

Lastly, Make sure you have a good wi-fi connection if you are doing a video session, or good phone service if you are doing a phone session. Make sure you are in a quiet area where you can focus on your healing. No driving.

can i sign my child up for a session?

Yes. Contact us to schedule a session for your child!

If you believe your child is old enough to sit through a session on the phone or video chat, then great! If not, YOU are welcome to have the session with Sara as she connects to your child energetically.

what is the body code?

The Body Code 2.0 is a platform created by Dr. Bradley Nelson that goes a bit deeper than just releasing trapped emotions. With the Body Code, we identify and correct different imbalances that cause all kinds of physical and emotional problems for people. These imbalances may be caused by toxins, misalignments, or energetic causes such as entities, saboteurs, emotional resonances and cords with other people. We are also able to rebalance chakras and meridians. 

There is a physical side to the Body Code as well where we look for things like infections, toxins, nutritional deficiencies and structural imbalances and address those according to whatever your body needs. The way this work is all about removing imbalances in order to make conditions right for the body to heal itself.

Ask Sara about this and she'll tell you more, or if this sounds right for you, contact Sara for your first session!

is it normal to have strange dreams after a session?

After working with the subconscious mind and bringing past traumas into your conscious awareness, many people report having vivid, meaningful, or inexplicable dreams. As your body processes your energy shift and works to rebalance itself without the trapped energies you have released, this will subside. 

how many sessions will i need to clear my heart wall?

This varies from person to person, especially since some people experience more trauma throughout their lives than others. On average most people clear their Heart-Walls in about 4 to 6 sessions.

will this conflict with my religious beliefs?

Sara is Christian, however you do not need to be Christian to receive healing! Sara does start each session with a prayer, but will respect whatever your beliefs are. Sara has worked with Atheists, Catholics, Christians, Jewish clients, Buddhists and Agnostics and they all have benefited from this amazing healing technique who have not had a problem with this.

what is the difference between emotional freedom technique (eft or tapping) and the emotion code?

While The Emotion Code uses one of the same meridians that Emotional Freedom Technique does (the Governing Meridian), these are two totally different techniques.

EFT consists of tapping (vibration) on several different meridians to send calming signals to the amygdala (the fear and emotional center of the brain) and has been found to be very helpful with anxiety management.

The Emotion Code uses muscle testing to communicate to the all-knowing subconscious mind to locate trapped emotions that are causing imbalances which can lead to anxiety, depression, PTSD, physical pain, etc.. The Emotion Code releases those trapped energies, restoring the body to it's natural state, where it can naturally heal itself and restore peace and love.

will i notice a change after my first session?

Most people do, yes! Many people feel a slight difference after their first session, such as not reacting in a situation where they would normally be reactive, or feeling a sense of overall peace, aliveness and joy.

Some people feel the difference right away during their first session, some people feel it right after, and some people take a few days or weeks to reap the benefits. If you've had a lot of trauma, it can take more than one session to start really feeling the difference. Everyone is different and no one's healing journey is right or wrong. Trust the process!


how does this healing work over the internet? 

Emotion Code sessions are done by using “Proxy Testing”, which is when someone is given the permission to act in place of someone else. The authorized person is what we call a “proxy”. By putting themselves into the position of standing in for someone else, a proxy can be tested as if they were the subject of the testing, allowing their body to be used to benefit the subject.

Proxy testing is most useful when you want to help someone who is not present or who is inaccessible for some reason. When you release trapped emotions from someone at a distance, it is a form of remote or distance healing. Although remote healing has not been incorporated into Western Medicine, it has been practiced both anciently and in modern times by those who practice Tai Chi,  Reiki and other respected techniques.

what are the methods in which i can pay for my sessions?

Venmo and Zelle are preferred, and major credit cards are accepted if that works best.

what is a heart-wall?

“Our hearts speak the truth, but how can we hear the truth if we are unable to hear what our hearts are telling us?”- Sara Russano

93% of people have what Dr. Bradley Nelson has coined, "The Heart-Wall".  As we go through life, we will inevitably feel emotional pain at some point. Have you ever heard of someone who's passed away from a broken heart after losing their spouse? Broken Heart Syndrome is very real. The Heart-Wall is created by our subconscious minds to protect our heart completely breaking. The problem is that when we no longer need protection, our Heart-Walls remain.

Symptoms of a Heart Wall include: feeling numb to joy or love,  feeling constant heartache, lacking the ability to feel passion, inability to express or receive love, being blocked from your life's purpose, having anxiety and panic attacks, and/or feeling downright depressed. 

Judging by the statistics, you most likely have a Heart-Wall. Although you cannot see it, you may feel that it is there. Just as we cannot see love with our eyes we know it's there because we feel it within our hearts ; we may not be able to see our Heart-Wall but we can feel that it is there just the same.

With the clearing of the Heart-Wall, many report feeling more a euphoria they have never felt before. They feel freedom to express themselves, to love and be loved, and to experience joy.  It's truly a liberating experience. 

why should you clear your heart wall first?

We recommend starting with the clearing of your Heart-Wall because having a Heart-Wall can actually make it tougher to energetically clear you using the Emotion Code.

what should i expect to feel during a session?

During  a session  you may not feel much. Some people don't feel anything until after their session has ended. Many people do feel light-headed, tired, or slight headaches during a session. It all depends on the individual. We recommend having a bottle of water by your side during your session. 

how will i feel after a session?

Some people report feeling tired, light-headed and have the deepest sleep they've had in a while. Many report more a peaceful and loving state of being, feeling lighter, more joyful, and euphoric with a different outlook on the world.

30% of people experience what we call "echos", which is where they experience the emotions that were released as they are letting them go for good (for example, if we released anxiety, they may feel anxiety again as they process it) Don't worry! This only lasts about 24-48 hours (for the extra sensitive people it may last about a week and then pass).

If you do experience emotional ups and downs, Sara is here to guide you through it. She recommends not adding any layers of judgment onto yourself or the process you are going through and to allow and honor yourself as your body reaches a new equilibrium. Reach out to her for support at any time through your healing journey! She loves to hear about the positives and guide you through anything challenging that is coming up. If you need a little extra support, you can schedule an Emotional Processing Session.

why does my practitioner speak to my subconscious mind for healing?

The subconscious mind is said to make up about 95% of our minds, while our conscious mind makes up 5% of our minds.  Our subconscious mind takes in all of the information we are not consciously paying attention to; it remembers every face we've ever seen in a crowd, every food we've ever tasted, every experience we've ever had, and every emotion we've ever felt.

Many people try to use their conscious minds to solve the emotions they feel from trauma they've experienced, or to get out of a cycle and pattern they find themselves in over and over again. Like Einstein says, "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." We must tap into this all-knowing subconscious mind  in order to get to the bottom of things, releasing what is causing us to run old patterns, or feel dis-ease forever!