Miracle Code Healing & The W.A.K.E. Wellness Fair

Miracle Code Healing & The W.A.K.E. Wellness Fair

Yesterday, Reiki Master, Cy Pilkington, accompanied the Miracle Code Healing team to the W.A.K.E. (Waking Ancestral Knowledge Everywhere) Wellness Fair. We got there bright and early to set up our tent and put out our special healing menus and to meet the other beautiful vendors! There were crystal vendors (we left home with some beautiful malachite, rose quartz and labradorite), essential oils, and vision board tents!

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Before the event started, all of the vendors met with a Native American who said a prayer with us all to bless the land we were on. This was such a beautiful experience! We all took our shoes off to get grounded in the grass and he spoke of honoring nature. I remember an old Native American friend of mine who said that he started winding his days down as the sun set each day by turning off the lights, and electronics and burning candles and incense to start relaxing the body as the sun went down. The Native American culture truly respects and honors nature. I think we can all afford to flow with nature a bit more, as it has more wisdom than we know.

As the event started and people started to flow in, many people were drawn to our booth for guidance. We offered sound healing, (as you’ll see Lenny practicing in the video below), as well as mini Heart-Wall clearing sessions and intuitive guidance.


One young woman came to our tent with the awareness that she was running the same unhealthy relationship pattern over and over again. This often happens when a) We don’t know our own worth, and relationships show up in our lives to push us to heal and 2) We have a Heart-Wall, blocking us from our intuitive guidance. For her it was both. I cleared some of her Heart-Wall to help.

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Another sweet woman came over who was very talkative and excited about connecting. She was in her 60s and selling Juice Plus+. She says her parents are in their late 90s and are still having sex because of Juice Plus+. She swears by it. If you don’t know what it is, I recommend looking it up. She was a connector and loved to talk. She was at a place in her life where she had gathered so much knowledge and was ready to step into her life’s purpose but was unclear of exactly what her mission was. Cy and I intuitively guided her to realize that she already knows the answer and that it is within her heart. The mind will think its way into circles, but the heart always knows the answer. I always recommend a Heart-Wall clearing for clarity about mission and purpose in life. It’s how I found my own.


Another man came to me for a clearing. His previous job was working as an embalmer at a morgue. Lots of trapped energy for sure while doing that job. Imagine being around the mourning families? He had tried traditional therapy in the past, but nothing ever worked for him. I released one trapped emotion for him to show him the process. He will be back when he is ready for more.

Overall the trip was a success. It was in Lake Elsinore, about an hour from where we live, and the crowd was a bit different, there were lots of people from all over town. Bear was a bit uneasy, when he is normally very mellow. Animals can be very intuitive and can get overwhelmed by different energies, just as us empaths can.


We enjoyed educating those around us about the possibilities of living life in a different way. In a heart-centered way.

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