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"A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love." ~A Course in Miracles

Sara Russano is a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and holds degrees in Nutrition, Psychology and Neuroscience from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), as well as certifications in Behavioral Therapy and Nutrition. She has experience with conditions such as Traumatic Brain Injuries, Addictions, Autism, PTSD, Depression and Anxiety. Her ability to shift people from a fear-based lifestyle (caused by past traumas, anxiety and depression) into heart-centered living is miraculous. She is known as the intuitive healer of her community. Sara founded Miracle Code Healing with the intention of helping others find the truth of who they are and to live life with the joy they were meant to live with. 

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

In addition to being an energetic healer, Sara is a published researcher. She has done research on PTSD, trauma, meditation and Neuroscience at UCSD and the VA Medical Center in San Diego. You can find some of her research on PTSD published in the Journal of Spirituality in Clinical Practice.  In addition to running her practice, she is also currently leading a team of researchers alongside Dr. Bradley Nelson (the creator of the Emotion Code) to publish research on the effectiveness of the Emotion Code. 

In your sessions, you'll find Sara to be attentive, relatable and personal while respecting your privacy. The most well-liked part of the Emotion Code is that you don’t have to share personal information unless you choose to. Sara uses muscle testing and intuition to locate trapped emotions and release them for good. Unlike traditional therapies or psychiatry, there is no back story needed!

You are in great hands. Sara has gone through the entire healing process that you are about to embark upon and she will guide you through it gracefully and knowledgeably. She offers your first session free, so there is no reason to not get started and feel the bliss and peace right away. You deserve it!

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Sara's Healing Journey

Sara came to a point in life where she had so much knowledge that she wanted to share with the world. She earned multiple degrees and certifications, she ran research, read books, attended seminars and courses; yet, it was challenging for her to apply her knowledge with the emotions that had built up for her over the years. She was full of emotion and didn't know how to "empty the cup".

Sara sought peace and clarity by attending traditional therapy, which gave her great tools, but really didn't get to the bottom of what she was feeling. She saw several different therapists throughout life, still feeling an aching pain of the past tugging at her. It was then that she came in contact with an Emotion Code Practitioner that offered to clear her Heart-Wall.

As Sara went through her Heart Wall clearing, she became happier, lighter, more expressive, and passionate about life. She felt a weight lifted from her shoulders. She was able to speak more confidently, there was a sparkle in her eyes, and there was the clarity and the knowing that she was finally ready to heal the world.