Trapped Emotions Can Cause Physical & Emotional pain.

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Want to…Rid your life of anxiety? Increase the flow of abundance into your life? Enhance your relationships? Get rid of PTSD or depression triggers? You're in the right place! Sara Russano releases your emotional and energetic imbalances to heal your physical and emotional pain. Contact Us to schedule your session!


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Miracle Code Healing uses the world’s most cutting-edge technology to locate and release exactly what is holding you back in life. Whether you want to heal from past traumas, physical pain or just want to take your life to the next level, Miracle Code Healing can help!

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Get the scoop on all of the common questions we receive from clients such as, "What is a Heart-Wall?" and "How can you preform energy healing over the internet?" We have answered all of your questions so that you can book your first session with ease. 

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Sara Russano is a highly intuitive Body Code practitioner with expertise in areas such as relationships, PTSD, trauma, anxiety and depression. She has worked with clients of all ages including children and teens.

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Whether you are in Australia, London, Thailand or the USA, if you have an internet connection, you can be healed! Energy work has NO boundaries.


"Getting rid of your old emotional baggage can bring you a new sense of balance, a new inner calm, and profound healing where nothing else has before."

Dr. Bradley Nelson

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